Abaco Gallery 2005
photos taken after 5/11/05
Easter morning at High Rocks on Guana Cay, photo by phish48, 5/12/05
Lana's wahoo (aboard the vessel Tai Tai),  photo by Wayne, 5/12/05
Treasure Cay Beach, from the Banyan Beach Club,  photo by lindaord, 5/13/05
Capt. Jack's, Hope Town,  photo by Ibud, 6/4/05
Hermit crab,  photo by Ibud, 6/4/05
Elbow Cay's ocean beach,  photo by It'lldo, 6/4/05
Sunset from Elbow Cay's north end,
photo by RickNJen, 6/4/05
Another Guana Cay sunset,  photo by Poolfool, 6/4/05
Hibiscus,  photo by Ibud, 6/4/05
Moonrise,  photo by AbacoBrad, 6/4/05
Pete's Pub,  photo by Ibud, 6/4/05
Winkie,  photo by AbacoBrad, 6/4/05
Floating on air or water?,  photo by AbacoBrad, 6/4/05
Dawn at MOW Harbour,
photo by ccbex, 6/5/05
Both sides of MOW,  photo by Jalbury, 6/7/05
Alicia catches the sun; photo by gatrooper, 7/8/05
High Rocks, Guana Cay; photo by Travelgirl3, 7/14/05
Low tide at Guana Seaside; photo by Travelgirl3, 7/14/05
Sea Turtle at Fowl Cay Reef; photo by Travelgirl3, 7/14/05
White Rocks, near Hole in the Wall, South Abaco;
photo by SuzieAndAl, 7/17/05
Cherokee Sand Bar; photo by SuzieAndAl, 7/29/05
Quiet day off Nippers Beach; photo by dyn0d, 7/30/05
Sunset over Hope Town light; photo by Skip, 8/3/05
Brain coral; photo by Chevy73, 8/14/05
Nassau Grouper; photo by Chevy73, 8/14/05
Bahamian crayfish (lobster); photo by Chevy73, 8/14/05
Happy snorkeler; photo by dyn0d, 8/18/05
Calm Atlantic; photo by SusieAndAl, 9/12/05
Shower at dawn; photo by SusieAndAl, 10/13/05
Baker's Bay and NW Guana Cay; photo by BillR, 11/12/05
Fisher's Bay, Guana Cay; photo by BillR, 11/12/05
Guana Settlement; photo by BillR, 11/12/05
Cooperjack Cays and Lubber's Quarters; photo by BillR, 11/12/05
South Elbow Cay & Tahiti Beach; photo by BillR, 11/12/05
South Lubber's Quarters; photo by BillR, 11/12/05
Double Rainbow; photo by SusieAndAl, 11/18/05
Settlement Point wharf, GTC; photo by TurtleDreams, 11/21/05
Shells, photo by Kingsley's Boy, 12/19/05
The Atlantic from Elbow Cay, photo by SusieAndAl, 12/27/05
Another Atlantic view from Elbow Cay, photo by SusieAndAl, 12/27/05