Abaco Gallery 2009
The first five photos were taken at Hole in the Wall at the extreme south end of Great Abaco Island in late December '08 by Tropical Concepts. For more photos and an excellent narrative, click here.
The view north from the lighthouse
The view south from the lighthouse
Caverns approx one mile NW of the light
The next three were shot last summer at one of Abaco's dive sites by Gadget Hound.
Sunrise over Marsh Harbour; photo by Spagna, Jan '09

The next three photos get you up close and personal with strombus gigas, the Queen Conch; photos by Local Knowledge
Dorado; photo by Sapelo, Jan '09
photo by Amanda, Feb '09
photo by TJLong, Feb '09
"Bikini Grouper,"  photo by S/V Mystique, March '09
"Squall line,"  photo by jsprague, March '09
"Diving at Fowl Cay," photo by Patty&Rudy, March '09
photo by Patty&Rudy, March '09
Restored dinghy in Hope Town,  photo by Patty&Rudy, March '09
photo by Patty&Rudy, March '09
Yellow eye snapper; photo by BiteThisToo, March '09
Wild dog in South Abaco; photo by LarryT, April '09
photo by LarryT, April '09
Flats near Cherokee, photo by LarryT, April '09
Dock at Cherokee, photo by LarryT, April '09
Catboat in Coco Bay, GTC, photo by BillK, April '09
Rocky ledge at Fowl Cay, photo by Lat, May '09
Mayor Glenn learns how to post on the Forum, May '09
Deb makes a new friend at Nippers, May '09
New Plymouth at sunset, photo by Shelby, Nov '09
Porpoise off Green Turtle, Photo by aquamoon, May '09
Long dock at Cherokee, Photo by SusieAndAl, June '09
Snorkelers at GTC North Beach, Photo by JJ, June '09
Guana shoreline, Photo by PatW, June '09
Photo by Flatfish, June '09
Mermaid, fore & aft; Photo by Flatfish, June '09
Baker's Bay Club complex, Guana Cay, from the southwest;
Photo by Abacouple, June '09
Photos by Flatfish, June '09
Waterspout over Hope Town, Photo by Local Knowledge, June '09
Lightning & waterspout off Treasure Cay,
Photo by Drinkin Money, August '09
Two gorgeous shots from Tina Goose, August '09
Moonrise over Tilloo Cut,
Photo by LarryT, August '09
Curlytail; Photo by GazeboMan, August '09
Schooner on the Sea of Abaco; Photo by GazeboMan, August '09
Photo by sapelosonjr, August '09
Bita Bay; Photo by BillK, October '09
North Shore Green Turtle; Photo by BillK, October '09
The next three photos were taken by LarryT near South Andros in Oct '09
Gillam's Bay & Pelican Cay, photo by Shelby Nov '09