Beautiful Abaco
photos taken prior to 5/11/05
Elbow Cay's ocean beach on a calm morning
Not a bad sunset...
Gumelemi Cay (just west of Guana)
Moonrise, I believe from Elbow Beach
A gutsy sailor worked this large ketch close in to Nippers
Powell Cay's ocean beach on a quiet day
Bunny noodles off the beach at Powell; Attitude lazily rides at anchor
photo by John Lovatt
Noodling off Spanish Cay's Barefoot Beach
Sunrise over Tillo Cut
photo by "Slang," 12/29/04
Sea of Abaco from Guana
photo by Pat Weatherford, 2/4/05
Fowl Cay
Hope Town Harbour
Man-O-War Harbour
Barefoot Beach, Spanish Cay
Gumelemi Cay and the NW tip of Guana
I can't remember who shot this, or the location, but I sure wish I was there...
Pete's Pub, Little Harbour, summer 2000
The view from the old "Yellow House" at Guana Seaside Village; I think Susan Tropeano shot this
North Pelican Cay
Stormy Sunrise, photo by GuanaBs, 2/16/05
The North End of Elbow Cay, from the lighthouse
photo by Cut-Throat, 2/17/05
Treasure Cay Beach, photo by Lindaord, 2/17/05
Sunset at Fisher's Bay, Guana Cay
photo by Pat Weatherford, 2/23/05
Another gorgeous morning, photo by Riss, 2/23/05
Hope Town Lighthouse
photo by 4x4 Medic, 3/20/05
Spoil Bank Cay, photo by ccbex, 3/26/05
Abaco Parrott, photo by Claire1, 3/28/05
Baker's Bay, photo by Caywannabe, 4/1/05
Ocean Sunrise, photo by Caywannabe, 4/4/05
Waterspout off Guana Cay, photo by Pat Weatherford, 4/15/05
Low tide at Tahiti Beach, photo by P2Pooz, 4/18/05
More waterspout off Guana Cay, photo by islandsun, 4/25/05
Dawn at Marsh Harbour, photo by Abaco Freedom, 4/30/05
Yellow crowned night heron, photo by Pat Weatherford, 5/5/05
These two photos were shot on one of Abaco's reefs,
photos by Windadct, 5/6/05
Mermaid Reef, photo by gatrooper, 5/10/05