South Beach Inn, Cocoa Beach, FL
October 7-9, 2005
"What in the world is CFBM?"

I wish I had a nickel for every time I've had to explain this to someone. CFBM literally stands for "Central Florida Board Meeting," the "Board," of course, being the  Abaco Forum (and the old Abaco Community Message Board.)

The ABM first appeared on the Web almost ten years ago, and not long thereafter the term 'board meeting" was coined to refer to a small gathering of folks who frequented the site and wanted to socialize. The early "meetings" were small and mostly spontaneous, but by 2000 there had been organized efforts in South Florida and Carolina that were termed "SFBM" and "CBM," the "BM" standing for Board Meeting.

In 2000 Mike and Linda Davis offered to host the first Central Florida Board Meeting at their motel in Cocoa Beach, Silver Sands. This event drew almost 40 people, and later became known as CFBM1. The last Board Meeting held at Silver Sands, CFBM5, took place on October 10-12, 2003. At that time we recorded the music the ultimately became the CD DrRalph and Doug Live at CFBM5. Immediately thereafter, the motel was razed, and a large condominium was constructed on the property.

Here are some photos of CFBM activity at Silver Sands:
In June, 2004, "CFBM in Abaco" was held at Guana Seaside Village on Guana Cay. A short time later, Dave & Wendy Boehm proposed another fall Board Meeting in Cocoa Beach at a different facility. Unfortunately, prior to the event the motel was substantially damaged by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, and plans were indefinitely postponed.

By summer of '05 the Boehms had located another venue in Cocoa Beach, the South Beach Inn, and planning again moved forward, this time to fruition. CFBM6, with about 35 participants, was successfully conducted over the Discovery Day weekend, October 7-9. What follows are photos and a report.
The afternoon of Friday, October 7, was quite stormy. Travelers heading north from South Florida encountered heavy rain and nasty traffic jams on I-95, as did those heading south from North Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. By late afternoon the worst of the weather had passed; the sun broke through, and we had a delightful welcome "meet n' greet" on the deck at South Beach Inn.
Ken Parrott surprised us with a colorful welcome banner.
Bunny & Jerry chat on the deck; SBI's main building, lawn, and pavillion.
SBI from the beach
The beach in front of SBI
Worley and Julie, our friends from Ormond Beach
Maggie, Tiina, and "Jerry Also"
I never got the jist of this conversation,
but I know she's saying, "Oh, no....!"
While Event Chairpersons Dave & Wendy ordered pizzas, Doug and I set up the CFBM band. We played a set, everyone ate, and we played another set under a gorgeous, starry night sky.
Bunny tempted us with Jello shots
Mr. and Mrs. Cabanaman slow dancin'
Patty and Danny B cut loose
Who says a nun can't be a rock star???
And the winner is: Couple #5!!!!!
This is not a fair fight...
Denny, Mike, Peach, Sarah, & Doug
Louise, Anise, and two-fisted Maggie
Saturday, October 8, greeted us with a gorgeous sunny sky and a beautiful ocean. Some of us walked down to the Surf Studio where the "overflow crowd" was staying. Others carried chairs and umbrellas to the beach. By mid-afternoon we could relax in the shadow of SBI, and the group gradually gathered on the deck.
Julie, Tony, and Maggie, with the CFBM band in the background
The "Brown Eyed Girl Chorus:" Paul, Kim, and Cabanaman
AbacoPeach cracks up
AbaKimmy swings a mean tambourine
Cabanaman & AbaKimmy
Our friends Gary & Ann Roush from New Smyrna
Chairpersons Wendy and Dave Boehm; they made it all happen!
By sundown we were being treated to a great evening feast by the good folks at Island Barbecue in Cocoa Beach; thanks to Patty B for organizing. But, the clouds started to move in, and some rain began to appear on the local radar. Twice during the evening Doug and I had stop playing; we had to quickly cover the sound system with heavy lawn trash bags as the rain rolled in. We were greatly helped by Rod, Hank, Jerry and others; water and electricity definitely don't mix in this situation!

During one of the rain delays we surprised newlyweds Roz and Denny with a belated wedding cake; thanks to Dave and Wendy for the organization.
Check out the clouds behind Doug and I; they weren't faking
Bunny, Tiina, AbaKimmy, AbacoPeach, and Wendy, "The Nipplettes," carry the chorus on "Get Drunk and Screw"
The blushing bride and groom, Roz and Denny
Cabanaman takes PattyB for a spin
Check out the photo cutouts in the upper corners
This is tricky to explain: Denny's boat is named "Rabbit Ears," and I'm just not sure how the girls in the crabclaw antlers fit in, but it's a cute picture...
South Beach Inn Manager Cindy; she and her co-manager Angie couldn't have been more accomodating
Surprise visitors AbacoWilly and Mary Anne
Worley and Bunny
Mike and Linda get down
Give the girls a wireless mic, and...
Dancers Rod, Tiina, Paul, Mike, Peach, and Jerry
Rod and Denny handle the auxiliary percussion
"It's been a lovely cruise..."
Dave takes the guitar solo on the evening's finale,
"Tampico Trauma"
CFBM6 finally wound down around midnight; I don't think I got down until around two, courtesy of one-too-many Goombay Smashes. And, yep, I paid the price on Sunday.

But, hey, we had an absolute blast! We loved the South Beach Inn, we loafed, talked, ate, drank, danced, sang, connected with old friends, all the things that make a CFBM such a great event.

Thanks to:
  • Dave and Wendy for planning and executing a great weekend,
  • PattyB for setting up Saturday night's dinner,
  • My CFBM band-mate Doug,
  • Bunny for jello shots,
  • Denny for Goombay Smashes,
  • My "road crew:" Jerry, Hank, Rod, Dave, and anybody else who helped me hump equipment,
  • Cindy & Angie at SBI,
  • And photographers Bunny, Dave, Wendy, Hank, and AbaKimmy

And, is it my imagination, or am I hearing plans for another CFBM????
Dave and Rod share a laugh and a pair of Kaliks
Ken Parrott and the Roushes
Dave, DrRalph, and Hank