First-Timer's Abaco Vacation Planner
So you heard about Abaco from a friend, you read about it in a magazine, you saw a TV show or a web site, and you've decided you've got to visit. BUT, you just aren't quite sure how to go about planning the trip, and you really need some more information before you start. You've come to the right place: here's a step-by-step guide to executing the perfect vacation in Paradise.

Step One: Take a broad, general look at the area: Overview of Abaco.

Step Two: Order a copy of Dodge's Cruising Guide to Abaco 200X. Although this book is intended primarily for boaters, it has a wealth of information about Abaco, and is the best available print resource for general information. We strongly suggest that you look through it before you make reservations. And while we're talking about reservations make sure you make them early! We book our summer trips 4-6 months in advance because accommodations and rental boats fill up quickly in the warmer months.

Step Three: Decide whether you want to stay in a big hotel, a condo, a small resort, or a cottage; and whether you want to stay on the "mainland" (Marsh Harbour or Treasure Cay), or one of the offshore cays.

There's only one large hotel in Abaco: the Abaco Beach Resort in Marsh Harbour. Examples of condos would be Treasure Cay Resort. Some of our favorite resorts include Seaspray Resort, Abaco Inn, Dolphin Beach Resort, and Bluff House. And you can find cottages at Turtle Hill Villas, OceanFrontier Hideaway, Watercolours Cottages, Summerview Cottage, and Hope Town Hideaways; there are many others.

Before you decide where you want to stay, make sure you look at the ads in Dodge. You'll probably be overwhelmed at first. but take a few days to think about it, talk to your party, and you'll find that after a short time you'll be able to make a solid, informed decision.

Step Four: Plan you air travel.

Step Five: You've made some plans and you're at the "Now I have a thousand questions" stage. Check out Everyone Asks About...

Step Six: You're wondering what other visitors have done on their vacations, check out Trip Reports.

Step Seven: It's dawning on you that you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors and you're wondering What Will the Weather be Like? Plus, there are other issues, like sunburn, bugs, and even sea lice.

Step Eight:  It's late, you're overwhelmed, and you just want to look at some photos of Abaco, or read a story. Check out Abaco Photos, Abaco Videos, A Bahamian Bedtime Story, or Another Bahamian Bedtime Story.

Step Nine: You've just about completed your planning, but you still have one or two questions. You can either email me, or ask the Abaco Forum. Somehow, we'll get you an answer.

Step Ten: Take your trip, and have a great vacation!!!
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